From the recording This Day


Can I be dreaming,
sleepwalking through this world?
Am i just dreaming,
everything seems so real.
Now in my dreaming,
a teacher appears to me.
A guide and a brother, calls from reality
  ~All that is born, shall fade away
~All name and form, dream in the day
How can it be, innocence is lost?
~All that is true, shall never die
And how can it be, God does not answer?
~All that is you, also am I

Where is the good, life that ends in death?
And where is the good,
life without you, with me?
~Here in the now, all dreams are gone
~Nothing but life, here in this song
Dreaming of lightness, dreaming of tears
Dreaming of heaven, while hell is so near
Dreaming of music, dreaming this song
I'm dreaming the world, I wonder for how long-- how long?
~All love that's true, won't fade away
~Deep in great peace, sorrow's at bay

To me this rings true, love is never lost
~All that has been, all that's to come
To me this rings true, love is the answer
~In essence is love, this is God's song

All that appears, every experience
Is healed from above
Blessed by the love-- in you
~Your love is real, I'm one with you
~Peace to the dream, now I've found you