Our fourth album, “Benediction”, is set for release December 12th! Starting December 1st you may pre-order your CD here on the music store page; streaming services such as Apple, Spotify and many more will go live with our album 12/12. And we have a special deal for the month of December-- no shipping charge (for US orders)!  We are planning a tour to the eastern US starting late summer 2022. So please stay tuned— we will be together soon, celebrating each other through beautiful music!

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Polyphony Marimba is committed to making first-rate albums, and touring the US every year. Our recordings cost around $10,000 per CD to produce, and maintaining the band on the road costs at least $500 a day. We have decided not to become a non-profit; we maintain our business with our own modest means plus what we make selling CDs and performing. If you value what we put out in the world and would like to support us financially, please donate here. Thank you!