Please click the "play" button below to enjoy our music while you peruse the website. We never cease developing our music, but experience has shown us that when the music is shared, when you, dear listener, partake in our sounds, that is when the music truly comes alive and grows beautifully! So here is your guide to discovering the best way to experience Polyphony Marimba:


1. Come to a show!! Click TOUR DATES to see where we are playing next.

2. Listen to our growing body of recorded material, click MUSIC STORE to easily purchase a CD or download songs directly from us. You may also stream our music on spotify or amazon.

3. Follow our unfolding adventures, and interact directly with the band through comments and messaging, on our FACEBOOK page. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to sign the GUESTBOOK any time.

4. Please join our mailing list (below) to receive news and the occasional free song download from the band.

5. Explore the different pages here on our website to get to know the band better. We have lots of VIDEOS from past performances, an in-depth band bio on the OUR STORY page as well as individual bios of band members at MEET THE BAND. And we have a full range of support materials if you are working with us to produce a show in the PRESS KIT.


We look forward to meeting you in person and sharing this beautiful music together, gifted from Zimbabwean ancestry and brought into the very present through our creative endeavors. See you soon!

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