1. Seein' Amiss

From the recording This Day


Well I thought  I could see 
Into the depths  of reality
And I thought that I knew 
What was true  what was you
But I don't know anymore  (x4)
I was seein' amiss
And I'm so glad I was mistaken
For the truth turned out to be far more beautiful than I imagined
I didn't know what I was looking for
Now I'm taken to the edge of reality
And it's much more than anything I could have hoped for
Ohh~ she gave all she had to give
Mmm~ searching for the way to live
I thought I knew you
I thought I knew your soul
I understood you little did I know
Now I don't know anyone (x4)
I was seein' amiss
You are so beautiful
More than you'll ever know
And I'm so grateful
How can I adore you more?
When I look into your eyes I cannot fathom the depth of your soul
No matter what happens forever you're in my heart