From the recording Confluence


I once thought that I could find happiness here
All of my dreams would come true
The love that I knew as a child would stay near
Every friend would remain true

I looked to the North and I looked to the East
I looked to the South and the West
But just when I though I found peace at last
My soul it was put to the test

My soul has no home in this world
No matter where I roam
My soul finds no peace in this world
Far beyond it lies my home

I found a way through this confusion and fear
I found a way to begin
My soul she will fly to a teacher so dear
The truth is awaiting within

Amid the confusion the world seems to bring
There's one thing that I've understood
My heart even now has a reason to sing
All things work together for good

My soul has no home in this world
This life reveals to me
My home is far beyond this world
I'll fly to where I'm free