From the recording Polyphony Marimba


Wonai Maraire, Dumi Maraire
(See, with respect, Dumi Maraire)
Wonai Mujuru, Ephat Mujuru
Wonai Chigamba, Tute Chigamba
Wo Nemarundwe, MaiChi Nemarundwe

Wonai Mapfumo, Thomas Mapfumo
Wo Mutukudzi, Oliver Mutukudzi
Wonai Tembo, Biggie Tembo
Wonai Chiweshe, Stella Chiweshe


I love the music / the sweet sweet music
~The music of Zimbabwe (repeat response)
And I love this music / the beautiful music

And it makes me feel good
Well it lifts me up off my feet
Yes it makes me feel good
You know it makes me want to dance
And it brings us together
We don't feel so different anymore, no no
It brings us together, oh yeah yeah yeah

I can feel the music / down in my soul
~The music of the Shona (repeat response)
I feel the music / warming up my heart now
I can feel the rhythm / pounding in my soul
I hear the harmony / opening my heart now

Yes I've always known her
Somewhere down deep inside
A gift of the spirit
Travelling through space and time
Somehow I've always known her
And her beautiful melody
A gift of the ancestors
Every day they are calling to me

Comin' from Zimbabwe
~The music of the people (repeat response)
Like a seed it was borne on the wind
A gift of the fathers
A sound I can hear from within
Comin' from Zimbabwe
It landed on fertile ground
A gift of the mothers
Circling round and round and round

Ngatifare vana ve Zimbabwe
(let's celebrate the children of Zimbabwe)
Ngatifare vana ve America
(let's celebrate the children of America)
Ngatifare vana venyika ino
(let's celebrate the children of the world)

I feel I'm comin' home
I know I’m not alone
Yeah we’re comin’ home