1. Dreams 5

From the recording Confluence


Are you really out there, listening?
Can you hear the music, calling?
Though you left this life, hear me
I remember you with me
Look close and see I am you, you are me
Take it, take it, all you need.             
~What is good and beautiful lives on
Listen now and hear
I love you, you love me
Make it, make it, all you need           
~ Give me strength to carry on
Touch soft my heart, we will never be apart
Hold me close, hold me true.             
~All I need is love.
Feel now my love,
coming down from above.
All is love, all is peace.                     
~Angels do surround me, hold me.
Seek long God's Love,
hopelessness, fear and loss
Fading, fading long away.                 
~Speak to me of Heaven's peace.
Hear spirit's call,
tears come, angels fall
Tell me please, tell me 'stay'.               
~Sing to me the glory song
My heart seeks on,
searching where I am from
My true love to reveal.                         
~From the ones I love, who passed on.
My heart it breaks,
longing for what it takes
All is love, all is peace.                         
~All I am is Love.