1. Chemutengure

From the recording Confluence


All of life is One     
Love is One for all 
So now the time of Chemutengure has come. The wagons of a foreign culture brought the greed and glory of another people to the ancient land of Zimbabwe.
Where rivers meet there will be confluence; the waters of all oceans taste of salt
Chachemutengure viri rengoro (Now is the time of Chemutengure)
Chemutengure ('A happening~ confluence')
A stranger took me in and called me brother. Now I hear the rhythm and the beat. But I do not come from that land where this music was born, my ancestors they speak. The people come to Zimbabwe, and so her muse spreads to the world, chemutengure.
Chachemutengure viri rengoro
Born in a stream it follows to the sea, the steelhead ventures forth among the sharks.
For years it lives and breathes that salty sea, until the day it swims upstream~ back home.
All of life is One
Love is One for all