1. Tichazomuona

My brother-in-law at the time, Keith Hennessey, was playing around with the chord progression C/G/Am/F during a visit one time, across a few days, in many ways. It fermented in my musical mind and one day came out as the basic pattern to this song. The lyrics were inspired by "The Little Match Girl" by Hans Christian Andersen, which I was reading as a bedtime story to my daughter Quianna.
The slow middle section is meant to evoke the departure of the soul at the moment of the death of the body. The feel of it was inspired by "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" as performed by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.


I ~ would love to ~ stay with you ~ forever and ever ~ my love
But I ~ must go ~ away from here ~ my spirit ~ is calling me
I ~ will always ~ be with you ~ in spirit ~ we are as one
And I'm ~ so grateful ~ for all we shared ~ God bless you ~ and keep you in peace
Tichazomuona (we shall meet again)