Can I be dreaming, sleepwalking through this world?
Am i just dreaming, everything seems so real
Now in my dreaming, a teacher appears to me
A guide and a brother, calls from reality
 ~~All that is born, shall fade away~~
~~All name and form, dream in the day~~
How can it be, innocence is lost?
~~All that is true, shall never die~~
And how can it be, God does not answer?
~~All that is you, also am I~~
Where is the good, life that ends in death?
And where is the good, life without you-- with me?
~~Here in the now, all dreams are gone~~
~~Nothing but life, here in this song~~
Dreaming of lightness, dreaming of tears
Dreaming of heaven, while hell is so near
Dreaming of music, dreaming this song
I'm dreaming the world, I wonder for how long-- how long?
~~All love that's true, won't fade away~~
~~Deep in great peace, sorrow's at bay~~
To me this rings true, love is never lost
~~All that has been, all that's to come~~
To me this rings true, love is the answer
~~In essence is love, this is God's song~~
All that appears, every experience
Is healed from above, blessed by the love-- in you
~~Your love is real, I'm one with you~~
~~Peace to the dream, now I've found you~~