1. Anna


You were a hungry, homeless four-year-old in London town
When Fynn found you and offered you a home
He paid attention to your vivid thoughts and he wrote them down
And so your special friend called God to us is known
Well your life upon this earth was less than eight years
O-oh Anna, of God
Yes your time within this world was just a few years
But what you said went straight to my heart
~turururu  ~turururu  ~turururu 
She said "Most of an angel is in the inside"
"And most of a person is on the outside"
"Mr. God wants you to love everybody like you love yourself"
"But you got to be full up with you to love yourself properly~ first"
She said "Even Jesus' love is not the same as Mr. God's"
"Because he only came here to make us remember"
"We are a little bit like Mr. God, but not much yet"
"Because He can love you right inside"
 iya yoyo kurere   ~iya yoyo   ~yo yo yo