Jaka CD (1998)
  • Jaka CD (1998)
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Take seven men in their prime, high on life and high on Zimbabwean music, put them in an excellent recording studio with a rock-oriented engineer, and you get Jaka's debut album! This is super tight and rocking marimba music, kicked in the butt by great trap drums and heartfelt singing. Traditional Zimbabwean songs but mostly originals by Peter Swing and Dan Pauli, an amazing snapshot of an amazing time near the end of the millennium.


  1. Butsu Mutandari (Boot Dance)

  2. Glory Train

  3. Music of Zimbabwe

  4. Kurota Panyika (Dreaming the World)

  5. Open Eyes

  6. She Moves in Truth

  7. Tsava-Tsava (Skokiana)

  8. Nhemamusasa (Temporary Shelter)

  9. Milk & Honey

  10. The Well

MUSICIANS: Dan Pauli, Peter Swing, David Schaldach, Ralph Klee, Greg Freeman, Stephen Golovnin, Robbie & Char Rothschild.

Recorded in 1998 in Santa Fe, New Mexico at Stepbridge Studios, Tim Stroh engineer.

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