Trillium CD (2006)
  • Trillium CD (2006)
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This is a defining recording for a decade of work with the Swing family: Peter, Mikaela, Quianna and Raven, supported by the finest players in New Mexico. Marimba-centered but several tracks featuring acoustic guitar, also some mbira and pennywhistle. Traditional Zimbabwean songs and more than half original compositions, with superb lead vocals by Mikaela and amazing lead marimba by Jesse Garcia. For those of you who know Raven, this is his first-ever recording, age 7, playing bass on "Kukaha".


  1. Silently Comes The Sun

  2. Vanoriga Mukono (We Will Overcome)

  3. Tichazomuona (We Will Meet Again)

  4. Jerusalem

  5. Kukaha (For Each Other)

  6. In The Twilight Of My Mind

  7. Chigamba (Patch)

  8. The Ballad of Sojourner Truth

  9. Mukai Tiende (Wake Up Let's Go)

  10. Dreams

MUSICIANS: Peter, Mikaela, Quianna & Raven Swing, Jesse & Isaac Garcia, David Schaldach, Karyna Cragin, Daniel Lockley, Jeff Brahe, Eric Bauer, Lauri Benblatt, Joy Shulman, Tara Andrea, Carrie Ronneau.

Recorded in 2006 at Stepbridge Studios, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Tim Stroh engineer.

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