Tatenda CD (2001)
  • Tatenda CD (2001)
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Tatenda (we give thanks) Youth Marimba Ensemble was one of the first of it's kind in North America, and a powerful group it was, in every respect! This is an excellent album of mostly traditional Zimbabwean songs and a couple originals composed by the young band members. We worked very hard on the choral singing and it shows: highlights include "Chiro Chacho", "Isu Tauya Pano" and "Siyakudumisa".


  1. Nzou Dziri Kufara (Happy Elephants)

  2. Chiro Chacho (The Thing Has Four Legs)

  3. Yakaipa (Bad-ass)

  4. Nyamaropa (Meat and Blood)

  5. Kashiri Kamambo (The Bird of God)

  6. Hande (Let's Go!)

  7. Taireva (We Have Told You Before)

  8. Dande (A Region in Zimbabwe)

  9. Isu Tauya Pano (We Have Come Here)

  10. Nhemamusasa (Temporary Shelter)

  11. Siyakudumisa (We Praise You)

MUSICIANS: Liam Bartels, Mario, Sophia & Tullio Becker, Manika Callewaert, Hountor & Lucy Gent, Ramon Lovato, Rachel Noll, Zach Quay-de La Vallee, Brendan Pierpont, Peter Swing.

Recorded in 2001 in Santa Fe, New Mexico at Stepbridge Studios, Tim Stroh engineer.

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