Albuquerque, TED talks,  2015

NYUNGA NYUNGA ('Sparkle Sparkle') by Peter Swing-- the sounds of the Nyunga Nyunga Mbira from Zimbabwe, writ large and arranged for marimba ensemble.


Asheville, North Carolina,  2013

Thinking we would be rained out on this one, we waited for a break in the clouds and then. . .


Joplin, Missouri,  2012

The first gig on our first U.S. tour in the summer of 2012: here is a complete version of MUSIC OF ZIMBABWE, by Peter Swing.  The Shona lyrics toward the end are saying, 'Let's celebrate the children of Zimbabwe, of America, of the world!', "Ngatifare vana venyika ino!"; contributed by Paul Mataruse.


Austin, Texas,  2012

BOTSOTSI ('Slick Youths'), by Michael Sibanda.  This was our last gig on that 2012 tour, and it proves the fact that songs tend to get tighter-- and faster-- on tour.


Santa Fe, New Mexico,  2011

This is a composite video, beginning with BUTSU MUTANDARI ('Boot Dance'), a traditional tune from Zimbabwe arranged by Peter Swing, and continuing with CHIWONISO ('Guidance'), composed by Dumisani Maraire.  


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