This Day

by Polyphony Marimba

Released 2014
Released 2014
All original songs with deep and obvious roots in Africa, this album most strongly reflects our personal experience on this musical journey.
  • 03:15 Nyunga Nyunga
  • 07:06 Lyrics Seein' Amiss

    Well I thought~  I could see~  into the depths~  of reality

    And I thought~ that I knew~  what was true~  what was you

    But I don't know anymore 

    I was seein' amiss


    And I'm so glad I was mistaken

    For the truth turned out to be far more beautiful than I imagined

    I didn't know what I was looking for

    Now I'm taken to the edge of reality

    And it's much more than anything I could have hoped for


    Ohh~ she gave all she had to give

    Mmm~ searching for the way to live


    I thought I knew you~ I thought I knew your soul

    I understood you~ little did I know

    Now I don't know anyone

    I was seein' amiss


    You are so beautiful~ more than you'll ever know

    And I'm so grateful~ how can I adore you more?

    When I look into your eyes I cannot fathom the depth of your soul

    No matter what happens forever you're in my heart

  • 07:34 Nhamo
  • 10:50 Story Lyrics Tichazomuona


    I ~ would love to ~ stay with you ~ forever and ever ~ my love

    But I ~ must go ~ away from here ~ my spirit ~ is calling me

    I ~ will always ~ be with you ~ in spirit ~ we are as one

    And I'm ~ so grateful ~ for all we shared ~ God bless you ~ and keep you in peace

    Tichazomuona (we shall meet again)

  • Ember
  • 06:57 Sahara
  • 05:14 Milk & Honey
  • 06:29 Lyrics Dreams 7, part 1

    Can I be dreaming, sleepwalking through this world?

    Am i just dreaming, everything seems so real

    Now in my dreaming, a teacher appears to me

    A guide and a brother, calls from reality

     ~~All that is born, shall fade away~~

    ~~All name and form, dream in the day~~

    How can it be, innocence is lost?

    ~~All that is true, shall never die~~

    And how can it be, God does not answer?

    ~~All that is you, also am I~~

    Where is the good, life that ends in death?

    And where is the good, life without you-- with me?

    ~~Here in the now, all dreams are gone~~

    ~~Nothing but life, here in this song~~


    Dreaming of lightness, dreaming of tears

    Dreaming of heaven, while hell is so near

    Dreaming of music, dreaming this song

    I'm dreaming the world, I wonder for how long-- how long?

    ~~All love that's true, won't fade away~~

    ~~Deep in great peace, sorrow's at bay~~

    To me this rings true, love is never lost

    ~~All that has been, all that's to come~~

    To me this rings true, love is the answer

    ~~In essence is love, this is God's song~~

    All that appears, every experience

    Is healed from above, blessed by the love-- in you

    ~~Your love is real, I'm one with you~~

    ~~Peace to the dream, now I've found you~~

  • 06:10 Dreams 7, part 2
  • 04:15 Lyrics Dreams 7, part 3

    What a nightmare  ~~slowly frightens my mind, innocence is thrown away

    What a nightmare  ~~slowly hardens my heart, love is held at bay

    What a nightmare  ~~daily makes me confused and I don't see the way to go

    What a nightmare  ~~daily makes me call out "Lord show me the way to go"


    You only hurt the ones you love

    ~~we will come together, yes we'll be together, love will conquer all

    We seek the guidance from above

    ~~we will come together, yes we'll be together, love will conquer all

    A broken heart won't keep me away

    ~~we will come together, yes we'll be together, love will conquer all

    We rise and pray again today

    ~~we have come together, yes we are together, love has come to all this day

Big gratitude to our vocal coach on this recording, Anton Pierce. Go to God brother.

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