by Polyphony Marimba

Released 2015
Released 2015
Our most recent work, recorded after a national tour, the music is super tight and flows with rich improvisation.
  • 07:14 Lyrics My Soul My Home

    I once thought that I could find happiness here,  all of my dreams would come true

    The love that I knew as a child would stay near,  every friend would remain true

    I looked to the North and I looked to the East,  I looked to the South and the West

    But just when I thought I found peace at last,  My soul it was put to the test 


    My soul has no home in this world

    No matter where I roam

    My soul finds no peace in this world

    Far beyond it lies my home


    I found a way through this confusion and fear,  I found a way to begin

    My soul she will fly to a teacher so dear,  the truth is awaiting within

    Amid the confusion the world seems to bring,  there's one thing that I've understood

    My soul even now has a reason to sing,  all things work together for good


    My soul has no home in this world

    This life reveals to me

    My home is far beyond this world

    I'll fly to where I'm free 

  • 07:00 Kiki II / Bangidza
  • 05:35 Lyrics Chemutengure

    ah iye~ all of life is One     

    ah iye~ Love is One for all 


    So now the time of Chemutengure has come

    The wagons of a foreign culture brought the greed and glory of another peo-

    ple to the ancient land of Zimbabwe

    Where rivers meet there will be confluence

    The waters of all oceans taste of salt


    Chachemutengure viri rengoro (Now is the time of Chemutengure)

    Chemutengure ('A happening~ confluence')


    A stranger took me in and called me bro-

    ther. Now I hear the rhythm and the beat

    But I do not come from that land where this

    music was born, my ancestors they speak

    The people come to Zimbabwe, and so

    her muse spreads to the world, chemutengure


    Chachemutengure viri rengoro



    Born in a stream it follows to the sea

    The steelhead ventures forth among the sharks

    For years it lives and breathes that salty sea

    Until the day it swims upstream~ back home


    ah iye~ all of life is One

    ah iye~ Love is One for all

  • 05:10 Siti
  • 05:03 Chishanu
  • 05:53 Lyrics Anna

    You were a hungry, homeless four-year-old in London town

    When Fynn found you and offered you a home

    He paid attention to your vivid thoughts and he wrote them down

    And so your special friend called God to us is known


    Well your life upon this earth was less than eight years

    O-oh Anna, of God

    Yes your time within this world was just a few years

    But what you said went straight to my heart


    ~turururu  ~turururu  ~turururu 


    She said "Most of an angel is in the inside"

    "And most of a person is on the outside"

    "Mr. God wants you to love everybody like you love yourself"

    "But you got to be full up with you to love yourself properly~ first"


    She said "Even Jesus' love is not the same as Mr. God's"

    "Because he only came here to make us remember"

    "We are a little bit like Mr. God, but not much yet"

    "Because He can love you right inside"


     iya yoyo kurere   ~iya yoyo   ~yo yo yo 

  • 05:58 Muchongoyo 2
  • 10:45 Lyrics Dreams 5

    Are you really out there, listening?

    Can you hear the music, calling?

    Though you left this life, hear me

    I remember you with me


    Look close and see

    I am you, you are me

    Take it, take it, all you need.             ~What is good and beautiful lives on

    Listen now and hear

    I love you, you love me

    Make it, make it, all you need           ~ Give me strength to carry on

    Touch soft my heart,

    we will never be apart

    Hold me close, hold me true.             ~All I need is love.

    Feel now my love,

    coming down from above.

    All is love, all is peace.                      ~Angels do surround me, hold me.

    Seek long God's Love,

    hopelessness, fear and loss

    Fading, fading long away.                  ~Speak to me of Heaven's peace.

    Hear spirit's call,

    tears come, angels fall

    Tell me please, tell me 'stay'.               ~Sing to me the glory song

    My heart seeks on,

    searching where I am from

    My true love to reveal.                         ~From the ones I love, who passed on.

    My heart it breaks,

    longing for what it takes

    All is love, all is peace.                         ~All I am is Love.

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